In Path of Exile, forsaken masters are NPCs that randomly spawn when you are progressing through the game. They will give you missions and after you complete the missions, you gain reputation with the master and level him up. When you level the masters, you get exclusive crafting options with each master and ability to create your own player hideout (to create hideout, you have to have a master with a minimum level of 3).

Each master specializes in crafting for a specific type of poe items and has his own style of missions, as well as a different hideout tileset. Levelling up master lets you upgrade the size of your hideout and invite more masters to your hideout, which gives you the ability to do their daily missions for some guaranteed reputation. Inviting master to hideout also lets you place his crafting bench in your hideout and use it.

In images below, you can see player created hideout and completed master mission.

Normal missions:

Masters (with the exception of Leo) can be encountered “in the wild”, where they will offer a normal mission. The level of a normal mission is based on the level in which the master is encountered. Masters cannot be encountered until you have visited their associated town at least once. Zana can only be encountered in Maps.


Daily missions:

Masters in your hideout will offer an additional mission each day. The daily mission gives 250% of the Reputation and Favour of a normal mission, if the Master is triggered in your own Hideout. If triggered in a party member’s hideout, the daily mission awards the standard 100% of the Reputation and Favour as per level. Daily missions reset at midnight UTC. Upon completing (or failing) the daily mission for a master, that master’s vendor inventory will reset.

The area level of a daily mission is based on the master’s level and reputation towards the next level. Upon starting a daily mission the master will open a portal. Meet the master inside the portal to start the daily mission. You may exit and re-enter the daily mission area as long as you have not completed, abandoned, or failed the master’s mission. Note that leaving a daily mission area after completing the mission but before turning the mission in will result in you being unable to turn the mission in.


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