GGG has just released the Celestial Cat Pet! This adorable kitty embodies everything celestial, from its glowing eyes to its galaxy coated fur. Do you want space-cat to be your companion? Naturally, it goes well running alongside your celestial themed outfits or you can set it free to play in your hideout!

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Let’s take a look at the view of collectors of path of exile currency:

1. You don’t remember the name of the future Emperor of Earth and the Universe? His Majesty, Salem the Magnificent, will sent you to cat form for your impudence.


2. Say conservative estimate of $10 of points for one cat (more realistic to be closer to $20). It’ll be $7500 to fill a hideout.

3. 26 for cat + 42 for armor set + 22 for character effect + 17 for hood. 107USD for full set. Thanks but no thanks. On this point i rather pay 10USD per month to play than fucking 100 + usd for 1 new set (and there will be more for sure).


4. I think their armour sets have been, in general, getting better over time. Except Ghostflame is still my favorite.

5. Now I can buy a good looking cat for 26 dollar to fly next to my character that looks like it was made out of dough by a 3 year old.


6. So cute! But I will have to wait for a sale. I just bought two Black Cat pets to represent my real-life kitties when they were on sale, so no need to get flying space-kitties quite yet.

7. It is cool that you are releasing new MTX, but can we focus on the important stuff first ? For example fixing issues in the current league.


It seems that every player’s point of view is different, but I believe that GGG will of course keep working to improve every aspect of the league they can.

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