War for the Atlas has arrived, including The Elder Guardians. Next, U4GM will introduce The Elder Guardians in detail.

As The Elder grows more powerful, he will consume The Shaper’s creations to manifest his own Guardians. The stronger the consumed boss, the stronger The Elder is when you face him.

According to the most recent Baeclast, the new items will be craftable as well. If you’re able to find a Shaper or Elder item, you can use chaos orbs on it until you get the modifiers you want. If your chaos orbs is not enough, you can buy chaos orbs on U4GM.

Previously, the Shaper was Path of Exile’s ‘final’ boss, but War for the Atlas adds a new endgame opponent for players to challenge: the Elder. If you’re wondering where the inspiration for the expansion’s name comes from, Grinding Gear Games is introducing a new mechanic to the Atlas—over time, the Atlas will fill with ‘influence’ from both the Shaper and the Elder. Killing monsters in a map controlled by one of these bosses will cause the other to gain influence.


In other words, if you want the Elder to take over a certain map, you will have to fight your way through maps controlled by the Shaper until the Elder has enough influence to claim it. Both characters will make surprise appearances in the new maps—for example, players will have to deal with Shaper balls following them around while they’re taking out mobs.

Once you reach the end of an Elder-controlled map, there’s a chance that the Elder will intervene and replace the regular map boss with one of his four guardians. And if you make it to an Elder-controlled tier 16 map, you’ll be forced to fight Elder guardians. It’s still not clear how players will actually get to the final boss battle with the Elder, but it’s likely that beating his guardians will play a part in reaching that content.


For example, you might get an item with a modifier that reads: ‘Socketed gems are supported by level 18 Blind.’ It’s possible for these items to include multiple modifiers, which means you might end up with five, six, or even seven links in your helm, gloves, and boots.